Past Events


12/16: Second Series Jazz, Show 3: Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio
12/16: Holiday Free Market
12/15: Show: Feeny, Theory in Context, Future Reflection, Machines Never Forget
12/14: Thursday Night Holiday Lights Hanukkah Celebration
12/09: Show: Izzy True, Decoration, Slippertails, Roswell Debacle
12/09: Tales of the Astral Travels, Artwork by Andy Castillo Art Show Opening
12/09: Selected Works by Corinne Dodenhoff Art Show Opening
12/09: Distant Light – Pieces by Kevin Durkin Art Show Opening
12/1: Queer Poetry Night

11/18: NaNoWriMo Write All Night
11/17: Second Series Jazz, Show 2: Silvano Monasterios Quartet
11/10: Show: Brat Curse, DANA, Pioneer the Eel, PA Angelo
11/06: Print Club Kick Off!
11/04: A Moment’s Reprieve Art Show Opening Reception
11/04: Good Game Art Show Opening Reception
11/02: Community Meeting

10/29: Show: Snacks Chapman, Mountain Chiefs, Brook Pridemore
10/27: LGBTQ+ Halloween Dance (Hunterdon Allied Youth)
10/26: Second Series Jazz, Show 1: Adam Niewood, Ron Oswanski, Bill Goodwin
10/21: Show: Joy Cleaner, JK Lago, Doggo, Overwinter (Presented by NJ Racket and the Hook Journal)
10/21: Mindfulness From the Soul Wellness Day
10/19: Open Mic
10/19: Kick StART Art Class (re-launch)
10/14: Show: King Darves, Terror Pigeon, Fond Han
10/12: Show: Jouska, Fire Is Motion, Sammy Trombone, Pool Holograph
10/08: Show: Alash Ensemble
10/07: Breast Cancer Awareness Bra Show (Harvest Family Success Center)
10/07: Art Opening: Stranger Than Paradise: Drawings by Eric Escobar
10/06: Show: Exmaid, Orations, Secretary Legs, Nervous Triggers

09/25: Critique Night
09/24: Show: Forever Losing Sleep, Ditz, PINE, Citycop
09/22: Autumn Ambient Night w/Long Beard, Warm Tape, Augusto Sanchez
09/21: Open Mic
09/21: Make a Bra Workshop (Sponsored by Harvest Family Success Center)
09/16: Fall Fest w/David Liebe Hart, Daeva, Nine of Swords
09/15: Jazz Fest Open House & Art Sale
09/09: Harvest Family Success Center Art Show

08/24: Dog Petter, Killer Shrimp, Friar Fritzls
08/23: Show: Meatwound, Sick Shit, Bury Yourself
08/21: Show: Keepin’ the Family, Doe (UK), Yankee Bluff, Basement Beers
08/17: Open Mic
08/13: Sunday Yoga (kickoff)
08/12: Art Opening: ~Tilde: A Showcase of LGBTQ+ Art
08/12: Art Opening: BL!NKS: Youth Art Show
08/12: Art Opening: Bear Witness Group Photography Show
08/11: Karaoke Fundrager @ Lone Eagle Brewing
08/09: Upstart Theatre Company Weekly Acting Class (kickoff)
08/06: Upstart Theatre Company Presents “Summertree”
08/05: Upstart Theatre Company Presents “Summertree”
08/04: Upstart Theatre Company Presents “Summertree”

07/30: Show: Pinact (Scotland), Decoration, Resounding No, Tula Vera
07/30: Upstart Theatre Company Presents “Summertree”
07/29: Upstart Theatre Company Presents “Summertree”
07/28: Upstart Theatre Company Presents “Summertree” – opening night
07/22: Show: Harvey Pekar, Anticitizen, Robert McLaughlin
07/21: Gadabout Film Fest
07/20: Open Mic
07/18: Show: Ducktails, Erotica, Professor Caveman, Calvin LeCompte
07/15: CineClub: Nashville
07/14: Show: Bear Child, Modern Trigger, Krissanthemum, Shred Flintstone
07/02: Show: C.R. & the Degenerates, Sunflower, Roswell Debacle (solo), Where Is My Spaceship?

06/29: 3 Thursdays of Jazz, Show 3: Go Trio featuring Gene Perla & Nicole Glover
06/28: CineClub: Safe
06/22: A Night of  Poetry, Spoken Word, and Acoustic Music
06/17: Trench, Goodnight Forever, Ghost Camp, Glazer
06/16: Show: Caving, Ponder, The Great War, Moon Pie
06/12: Show: Fond Han, The Kominas, Giant Kitty, Wild Rice
06/10: Show: Media Jeweler, Have a Good Season, Rest Ashore
06/07: CineClub: Sonatine
06/03: Hunterdon County Community Day

05/27: 3 Year Anniversary Show w/Dog Date, Psilocybe, Sojourner, Secretary Legs
05/26: Show: NYin64 Release Show w/Entia, Control, A Film in Color (JBWS benefit)
05/25: 3 Thursdays of Jazz, Show 2: Frank Giasullo Trio & Neil Wetzel
05/23: Social Theory Reading Group (first meeting)
05/19: Show: Clearview, Gold On Caulfield, Good Luck Spaceman, New Family Values
05/18: CineClub: Blind Chance
05/12: Hunterdon Central NAHS Art Show
05/07: Show: Izzy True, Spowder, Gavin Riley Smoke Machine

04/30: Show: Outta Gas, Decoration, Garbage Brain, Atlas On Top
04/27: 3 Thursdays of Jazz, Show 1: Behn Gillece Trio
04/19: CineClub: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
04/13: Show: Palberta, Th’ Creepy Classics, Resounding No
04/07: Animated Short Film Screening w/Simon Allen (Mother’s Peak)
04/06: 3rd Annual Honors Gifted & Talented (Hunterdon Central) Mural Show

03/31: Show: Another Michael, Comfy, Rhea, Rock Solid, Fire is Motion
03/30: Show: Entia, Harvey Pekar, Glazer, Garbage Brain
03/26: Free Market
03/25: Hunterdon Academy of the Arts’ True Voice Project
03/18: Show: Public Serpents, No Such Agency, Nerve Damage, The Subcultures
03/15: Interfaith Meditation Group (first session!)
03/12: Show: Have a Good Season, My Heart My Anchor, Long Neck, No Dice, Roswell Debacle
03/08: CineClub: Tokyo Sonata

02/26: Celebrating Black History Month: Lifting Up Black Voices
02/25: ACLU-NJ Benefit Show+Art Sale w/Secretary Legs, CR and the Degenerates, Whiner, Ghost Camp ($372)
02/20: Show: Milkmen, Meet Me in Montauk, In Angles, Save Face
02/18: ACLU Benefit show w/Feeny, Atlas On Top, Glume, Blind Lion, Daniel West
02/12: Show: Alash Ensemble
02/04: New Jersey Nerd Jam 2K17
02/03: Show: Watermedown album release show w/FV, Milkmen, Mother Goose, Special Lady, Future Reflection
02/01: CineClub: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

01/27: Hunterdon County Anti-Racism Coalition Community Meeting
01/21: Show: Khantra (reunion), Capacities, Death Vacation, Casual (raised $1,184 for Jersey Battered Women’s Services)
01/14: Create Your Own Vision Board
01/11: CineClub: Monsieur Verdoux
01/08: Women’s Healing Art Class + Discussion
01/07: Show: The Waffle Stompers, The Graveyard School, No Such Agency, Know Your Enemy



12/28: CineClub: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
12/16: Show: Secret Mountain, Antiphons, Din, newt, Rhea
12/15: Conversation on the Blue Line: Race Relations in Rural NJ
12/09: Show: Glume, Watermedown, fv, Future Reflection
12/03: Gurlzilla

11/23: CineClub: Tokyo Story
11/18: Show: Whelmed (IN), Knights Templar, Other Things, Bronco II
11/12-13: NaNoWriMo Write All Night
11/09: CineClub: Syndromes and a Century
11/01: Show: Secret Mountain, Pupppy, Peaer

10/29: Hunterdon Academy of the Arts: Rock+ Concert
10/20: Show: Gulps, The Royal They
10/17: Hunterdon Helpline Town Crawl Benefit
10/15: Cineclub: FLCL (Fooly Cooly)
10/09: Show: Rhea, Human People, Dump Him, Boy Scout Thriller
10/05: Cineclub: Nosferatu

09/28: Public Forum with Peter Jacob
09/24: Cineclub: Au Hasard Balthazar
09/19: Show: Unwelcome Guests, Semiotics, The Soft Maybes, Sick Shit, Joy Cleaner
09/17: Show: Anti-Citizen, No Such Agency, Honeytrap, The North American
09/06: Kick StART – Special Needs Art Class (First Class!)
09/03: Show: Birthrates, West Jersey Airport, PA Angelo, Oleka

08/30: Show: Casual, The Magic Fountain (VA), Teenage Halloween, Danni May
08/29: Show: Izzy True (NY), Fond Han, Secretary Legs, LKFFT
08/23: Show: Harvey Pekar (OH), Sick Shit, Spandex
08/22: Kickoff to MUCY’s Extended Year Exhibits
08/21: Alash Ensemble
08/20: Cineclub: The Pornographers
08/10: Cineclub: Boudu Saved From Drowning
08/06: FIRSST Fest
08/02: Show: Poppet (CA), Ultra Deluxe, Warm Tape, Krissanthemum

07/30: Cineclub: Mind Game
07/28: Show: Giraffes? Giraffes!, Invalids, Rita Fishbone, El Americano + MUCY art exhibit
07/24: Show: Microsoft Saint, Boosegumps, Eagle Daddy, Cabbage + MUCY art exhibit
07/23: WAIT Loss Workshop
07/21: Show: IZE, Thee Creeps, Wolfson Greene + MUCY art exhibit
07/20: Cineclub: Close-Up
07/13: Show: Long Beard, Snail Mail, Pale Angels (UK), Rita Fishbone + MUCY art exhibit
07/12: Show: Gulps, Wild Rice, Kirby Jayes (WI), Scallion + MUCY art exhibit
07/11: Flemington Tap Project (1st class!)
07/06: HARC Meeting + Book Discussion: Invisible Man

06/29: Cineclub: The Ladies Man
06/25: Show: Kult of Mary, Dog Date, Spowder
06/25: The Micromuseum of Union County Youth (MUCY) w/ Caitlin McCann, Lya Finston, Danielle Singer
06/23: Dandelions Events Auditions
06/22: Poetry Open Mic
06/15: Cineclub: Duelle
06/04: Never Get Tired – Bomb the Music Industry documentary screening
06/01: HARC Meeting + Discussion: The Danger of a Single Story

05/31: Show: Rita Fishbone, Professor Caveman, Rest Ashore, Sunflower (2 Year Anniversary)
05/29: Show: Casual, Halogens, Everyone Leaves, Semiotics, Bogues
05/22: Hunterdon Academy of the Arts’ Leading Ladies Choir concert
05/21: Show: 108, Sweet Jesus, Hell Mary, Fuck It I Quit, Manalive, Counterblast
05/20: Hunterdon Central Gifted & Talented Art Class Mural Showcase
05/18: Cineclub: Fort Apache
05/17: Union Hotel Redevelopment Town Hall 2
05/12: Show: Stippling, Long Beard, Remo Drive, Jank
05/04: HARC Meeting + Film: White Like Me
05/03: Union Hotel Redevelopment Town Hall

04/30: True Voice Project Concert
04/29: PopUp Anthonology: Pop Up Shorts Vol. 5 Film Screenings
04/23: Show: The Subcultures, 3rd Time’s a Charm,  The Roswell Debacle, The Little Engineers
04/16: Show: Wood Chickens (WI), Slow Groan, Matt Kephart, Pete Brown
04/13: CineClub: Yi Yi
04/11: Show: Pocket Vinyl, Jilly Pilgrim & the Sound Machine, Abandon Earth, The Double Negatives
04/09: Hunterdon Central National  Art Honor Society Art Show
04/08: Show: Greg Rekus, The Business Fairy, Freddy Unreal, Josh Ramos, Alex Natale
04/05: Hunterdon County Anti-Racism Coalition (HARC) Community Action Meeting
04/02: CineClub: A Brighter Summer Day

03/26: Show: The Waffle Stompers, Garden State Line, Nerve Damage, Autocracy East
03/25: Show: Lord Machino, Keepin’ the Family, Spooky Boots
03/25: Open Mic @ Factory Fuel Co.
03/23: CineClub: The Terrorizers
03/16: Poetry Open Mic
03/09: CineClub: Hausu (House)
03/05: Health & Wellness Fair
03/02: Hunterdon County Anti-Racism Coalition Community Action Meeting

02/27: Show: Frogg Party, This Is Me Looking Dangerous, Nerve Damage, Jacobus
02/27: The Spirit of Nigeria: Celebrating Resilience
02/26: Open Mic @ Factory Fuel Co.
02/25: Show: Dowsing, Facility, Jank, Basement Beers, Casual
02/24: Alash Ensemble (from Republic of Tuva)
02/21: Show: Casual, Giant Peach, Secretary Legs, Teenage Halloween @ Kev Von Holt Gallery
02/17: Poetry Open Mic
02/13: Do What You Love!
02/06: Show: Eagle Daddy, Will Wood, Milkmen
02/03: Show: Jitters (FL), Rita Fishbone, The Mountain Chiefs, Pete Brown

01:30: Show: Semiotics, Neighborhood Carraway, Experiment 34, Angels 8 Riot
01/27: CineClub: Cops & Shadows
01/22: Open Mic @ Factory Fuel Co.
01/13: CineClub: Pierrot Le Fou
01/08: Show: Halfsour (MA), Professor Caveman, Ghost Camp
01/06:  Hunterdon County Anti-Racism Coalition Community Action Meeting
01/02: Create Your 2016 Vision Board


12/30: CineClub: Sansho the Bailiff
12/28: Show: John Wayne’s Teeth, Rita Fishbone, Kirby Jayes
12/17: Open Mic
12/16: Poetry Open Mic
12/09: Show: Nude Tayne (FL), The Mountain Chiefs, In Angles, Frances Chang (Giant Peach), Pasha
12/02:  Hunterdon County Anti-Racism Coalition Community Action Meeting

11/19: Open Mic @ Factory Fuel
11/18: Poetry Open Mic
11/14: NaNoWriMo Write All Night
11/10: Show: Baked Goods, The Great Depression, Paige Chaplin
11/04: Hunterdon County Anti-Racism Coalition Community Action Meeting (monthly)
11/01: Free Art Class (first night)

10:31: CineClub: Mulholland Drive
10/30: Show: Gulps, PA Angelo, Ghyp: See & The Wichts
10/29: Convention of States meeting
10/27: Show: Bobby Meader Band (Las Vegas), Kara DJ, Keepin’ the Family, Pete Brown
10/21: Poetry Open Mic
10/15: Show: Spencer Radcliff, Rita Fishbone, Pedal, Pinegrove
10/10: Show: The Still, Small Voice, Trevor Bartlett, Cranston Dean, Keepin’ the Family
10/09: I’ve Lost My Head: Incarnations of Apprehension. Works by Ria Glassman
10/07: CineClub (first installment): City Lights

09/24: Open Mic
09/18: Art Sale at Jazz Fest
09/16: Poetry Open Mic
09/01: School Supply Drive All Month
09/01: Groovaholics Anonymous Inaugural Jam Sesh

08/27: Open Mic
08/21: Staged: Seinfeld
08/19: Poetry Open Mic
08/16: Flem Fest!
08/15: Flem Fest!
08/13: Thursday Night Lights w/Keepin’ the Family, Oubliette
08/11: Show: Rita Fishbone, Long Neck, Try the Pie

07/31: The Lost Medium Film Photography Gallery Show
07/30: Open Mic
07/22: Poetry Open Mic
07/18: Nepal Culture Night
07/16: Thursday Night Lights w/Varsity Jazz & Pete Brown
07/14: Show: Porky’s Groove Machine (WI), John Wayne’s Teeth, The Mountain Chiefs
07/11: David’s Story Exhibit Opening

06/24: Poetry Open Mic
06/23: PB&J Jam Session
06/18: Open Mic @ Factory Fuel
06/17: Rock Show w/Rita Fishbone, Romantic States (MD), Secret Mountain
06/14: Kabalah Yoga
06/13: One People’s Project: Hate Groups in NJ
06/07: Ska Show w/the Waffle Stompers, Fairhaven, No Vertebrae, Tailor Made
06/06: Punk Show w/Nana Grizol, Shark Shark, Casual, Longbeard, Teenage Halloween

05/30: Art Sale / 1 Year Anniversary
05/28: Open Mic
05/27: Zine Day
05/20: Poetry Open Mic
05/17: Rock Show: Stranger Cells, John Wayne’s Teeth, PA Angelo, Thee Creeps
05/14: PB&J Public Jam Session
05/06: Concert: Heartache Sisters (CA), Olivia Mancini, River City Healers
05/02: Beauty and Strength: Empowering Young Children to Talk About Race and Ending the Cycle of Colorblind Racism

04/27: Punk Show w/Cattle Dogs (OH), Harvey Pekar (OH), Secretary Legs, Casual, Gulps
04/25: Non-Toxic Essential Oils Info Session
04/24: Hunterdon Central’s Gifted & Talent Art Show
04/23: Open Mic @ Factory Fuel
04/22: Poetry Open Mic
04/12: LGBTQ DIY Showcase
04/09: Vegan Potluck

03/29: Rock Show w/Unwelcome Guests (NY), John Wayne’s Teeth, Anastasia, Ghost Dads, Broken Field Runner
03/28: Earth Hour
03/24: PB&J Jam Session
03/22: Acoustic Show w/Paul Blest, Sean Milo, Unraveler (PA), Koala Tea Time (MD)
03/21: Opening Reception for Meadowlark Studio’s Multigenerational Art Show
03/19: Open Mic
03/15: Vegan Potluck
03/12: DIY Candle Making Workshop
03/07: Hunterdon Anti-Racism Coalition: Black History Month Celebration

02/28: Booktacular & “In the Atmosphere” Kenzie Fennimore Art Show
02/22: Punk Show w/Nude Tayne (FL), Jitters (FL), entia
02/19: Open Mic @ Factory Fuel Co.
02/16: Free Live Comedy Show
02/12: Vegan Potluck
02/09: Inaugural Fiber Freaks Knitting Group
02/08: “$1” Play Auditions
02/07: Wellness Fair

01/23: Punk Show w/Greg Nahabedian (MA), Ocean Dream, PA Angelo, Chernobyl Disaster
01/16: Film Screening “Change of Tides: The William Roberts Story” and Q&A w/WWII Vets
01/15: Open Mic
01/10: Opening Night of The Real Cornelius’ “No Time For Hibernation” Art Show + performance by Jackson Kingsly
01/09: Rock Show w/Reservoir, Where My Bones Rest Easy, Fraternal Twin
01/03: Punk Show w/Rubrics (SC), Microwave Death, Facility


12/18: Open Mic @ Factory Fuel Co.

11/23: Hunterdon Academy of the Arts’ Leading Ladies choir performance + True Voice Project
11/ 22: Punk Show w/Bad Canoes, Gnards, Styk, Blowdryer
11/20: Open Mic
11/19: Gadabout Film Fest
11/15: NaNoWriMo Write All Night!
11/07: Rock Show w/Dirty Kills (Canada), The Trebeloros, None of the Above, Jon E Erkkila (streamed from Russia)

10/25: Hunterdon Humane Animal Shelter Pet Adoption
10/18: Benefit Show for Hunterdon Drug Awareness
10/12: Punk Show w/Casual, Little Gold, Party Cops, Pebbles
10/11: Eric Escobar Open House
10/10: Eric Escobar Open House
10/09: Open Mic / Eric Escobar Art Show Opening

09/28: Punk Show w/Crow Bait, Murmurs, Casual, Lord Machino
09/18: Figurative Expressionism Opening: Works by Ria Glassman
09/12: Art Show during Jazz Fest
09/04: Open Mic

08/28: Impromptu Art Show
08/23: Art Show / Open House
08/22: Hardcore Show w/Disobey, Gay Mayor, Ya Te Veo, Wise Guys, Intolerant
08/15: Benefit Show for Coalition For Animals ($191) w/Noun, Eternal Fuzz, Glazer, Knights Templar, Summer Dresses
08/14: Open Mic

07/30: Music w/Jon E. Erkkila, Wolfson Greene, Blaire Langston
07/26: Hunterdon Academy of the Arts Summer Jam
07/17: Open Mic
07/16: Free Screening of Gasland Part II (hosted at Stangl Factory)
07/11: Punk Show w/Casual, Worriers, Adult Dude, Kestrels (Canada), Merkin (hosted at Historic Courthouse)
07/09: Free Screening of Gasland Part I

06/28: Art Show / Open House
06/22: Hunterdon Academy of the Arts Leading Ladies Vocal Ensemble
06/10: Art Show / Open House

05/31: Grand Opening / Art Show
05/25: Old Bank Clean Up Day