Each month a different curator organizes a show – utilizing up to 3 galleries (front, back, mid), divided at the curator’s discretion. Spaces can be shared and shows can include unlimited artists, space providing.

Calls for art should be advertised 1 month in advance of show date. Shows should start first Friday or Saturday of the month and are taken down 5 days before the end of month.

Curator’s responsibilities include:

  • Create advertising for social media and print (Call For Art + art show opening flyer)
  • Collect all artwork from artists
  • Collect agreement sheet (provided by Flemington DIY) from all artists prior to/during drop off
  • Coordinate drop off and hanging
  • Host opening
  • Organize open hours to ensure people see the art!
  • Take down artwork
  • Repair walls (if needed) and repaint after taking down shows, within last 5 days of month

Fees: A donation of $50-150 total (sliding scale) for month-long shows is strongly suggested and Flemington DIY will receive 20% of all sold works. No one will be denied if this is an issue. Any donations from visitors to shows will go to DIY.

Please note DIY is 100% volunteer run and all collected monies are used directly for operational costs. Your donations, volunteer time, and involvement at Flemington DIY are highly appreciated! 

Send all art show inquiries to